Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Bags to Drawers - A Studio Makeover Story

I'm a really big slob, can't clean for my life, and many would say that I'm a hopeless mess. As I've gotten older and my "artists" gene has become more pronounced the crazy disorganization has fully taken root within my home. I don't think it helps that I have 5 children (animals) under the age of 9 who's sole purpose in life is to destroy every surface of my very small home. Seriously, I think I have crayon drawings on EVERY wall - at least I can say it goes with the aura of the house :)

When I first began the many adventures of Not 2 Shabbey I was working down in my very sad basement. White walls, industrial shelving, boxes, and tubs kept me company. It was very hard to be creative in such a dreary place.  Soon though, as I became more and more successful, boxes and garbage just began piling up. In those early days - what a year ago ??? It was just me! And I was so busy filling orders that there was just no time to clean up after myself. So I finally had to seek refuge from the garbage and abandoned ship to my dining room table. There, I worked all week long - hoping and praying that my pieces wouldn't be broken by one of my children. Then, every Friday in anticipation of Shabbos, all the pieces and bags of supplies would be brought down to the basement only to resurface afterwards.

Baruch Hashem, within the past year my business has started to grow and is now beginning to flourish. No longer am I "Little Abbey Wolin" painting on her dining room table, but I have created a true honest to goodness company that pays employees and has a REAL business plan. And because of that, a new studio space was so vital to the productivity of the company. My WONDERFUL and AMAZING business consultant - Soshana Raff-  found me the best team of workers - Shoshi and Tali from Clear My Desk to come in and redesign the entire space. They not only did a fabulous job, but they intuitively knew what I needed. Here are some pics of the new studio :)

My desk in itself is so totally awesome. Buckets and drawers galore - I have a place for everything now. Each stamp is categorized and  every tube of paint has its place. I decided to paint one of my walls a darker purple - infusing the entire space with creative spirit.

My favorite place - by far is the wrapping station. Every ribbon is at my fingertips! It's so easy to wrap, ship, and package. It makes gift wrapping a breeze!

On the other side of the room is another work station for my assistant Heather. She has her own rack and shelves for paints and brushes. And then on the far wall is the "office" station for Natan our administrator.

There is just one thing you guys should know before I end this blog. This entire makeover happened just last week. During my CRAZY Pesach rush. How I got all the orders done and worked through the cleaning process - I have no clue. I am just so happy it's finished and that it is beautiful and above all else exceptionally useful. Now all I have to do is keep it clean. Thank God for Heather and my housekeeper. Without them, I think I would be lost in my own garbage.


So. I guess you could say that my new studio is  

"Not 2 Shabbey" 

What do you think? 

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  1. Abbey!! Hatzlachah! This looks beautiful and I know the feeling of going into a place that you love and feeling so good about it, like your mini sanctuary! Keep on doing what you love!
    All the best and have a Chag Kasher V'sameach!
    Sara Shain