Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shavuot Crafting

Shavuos is almost here! 

Why not dress up your Yom Tov table with these great simple, easy to make, and budget friendly flower arrangements! Watch the video below and then check out the awesome photos of the pieces!


These are the material you will need. 
Raffia        Enamel Paint (Folk Art)     E6000 Glue
Mason Jars     Lace     Assortment of flowers   Brushes
BBQ Sticks   Scissor    Flower Trimmer   Sand Paper

Remember when painting your jar you want to try to use two different colors. That will give the glass depth and a more distressed look. Once it's painted let it sit and dry for a while. Once it's completely dry BAKE IT in your oven - right on the rack. BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: 350 for 10 minutes.Once the 10 minutes are over turn off your oven and open the door. Let your glass cool down. Take it out and with a harsh sandpaper scratch off around the glass giving your jar a distressed shabby chic look. 

You can download any image from GOOGLE IMAGES. Just type in the image you want and copy and paste it into a word documents. Re-size and print. It's that easy.  Cut out the image and attach it to a BBQ skewer and voila! You'll have a really cute accessory to your arrangement. You can also attach it to a string and tie around the bottle. That would be great for place card settings at the Yom Tov table.


So I thought I would show you some of my inspiration for this project. I don't know about you, but I love Pinterest. It's a photo sharing website where you can peruse thousands of amazing photos. It's a great site for inspiration on any project or idea you may have. You can follow me here.

I LOVE these orange roses as well 
as the twine wrapped mason jar. 
This table is gorgeous in green and orange.

 Pinned Image

Love these lace wrapped mason jars too! 
The twine bow accessorizes the vase so perfectly!

Pinned Image

Um. AWESOME! Need I say more? 

Pinned Image

This is just a piece of card stock wrapped around the jar 
with string wrapped around the outside of the card stock. 
So simple and EASY!

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No accessorizing is good too! Look how gorgeous this arrangement is without any embellishments?
Pinned Image                                                                                                                                                                                
So for now, have a wonderfully beautiful holiday! 
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