Monday, May 5, 2014

jCreate - My new Blog Home

I'm moving... well figuratively speaking :)
My new blog home will be over at jCreate.
How come, you ask?

For the past few months I have found it increasingly difficult to manage two blogs. One for Not 2 Shabbey and one for jCreate Magazine. I've wanted to somehow merge the two so that it would be one interface and so it's finally happening. Welcome to jCreate with Not 2 Shabbey.

What is jCreate??
jCreate is an organization that I founded a year ago. It's all about inspiring moms, teachers, kids, and teens to be more creative.... with a Jewish twist. For so long I have felt that there was great lacking in the Jewish craft world. Yes, there are many blogs out there that focus on crafting and of course Pinterest is full of amazing craft projects, but I felt that the Jewish craft offerings were very limited.   Before I started blogging and painting, I was a teacher, inspiring my students with creative lessons plans - engaging them kinestetically, through movement and art activities that would foster not only creative thinking skills, but overall retention for the subjects I was teaching. I wanted to start sharing my lessons plans, crafts, and ideas with my fans inspiring them to be more creative in their homes and classrooms. Let's keep children busy with wholesome activities. In the past year jCreate Magazine has spread Jewish creativity with so many crafting projects, tablescapes, recipes, and awesome trends that center around the Jewish calendar. We engaged with over 300,000 moms, teachers, and children throughout 50+ countries.

Who's behind jCreate?

There are just some things that are too big for one gal to do on her own. Baruch Hashem (Thanks G-d) I have been surrounded by supportive and amazing people. 2 of those women have joined me in this new jCreate journey. 

Mirel Goldwasser (Creative Director) - Mirel's company Oomph creative successfully helps brands, both big and small, with creative marketing solutions and a full line of graphic design services on a budget. Her tireless efforts have made jCreate a reality -- with artistic flair and a bit of snark!

Estee Lavitt (Managing Editor) - Estee manages and edits jCreate because she is passionate about spreading Jewish creative content with professionalism. As a mom, she tries to stay on top of simple craft trends with a Jewish twist to educate and entertain her young children. Estee makes things happen by being attached to her Android, iPad and other ping-ing, tweeting devices.

When I am not working on pieces you can often find me on the phone with one of these amazing ladies, or on a video google hangout laughing away at something Mirel did to make Estee and I laugh!

What about Not 2 Shabbey?

Nothing has changed! Not 2 Shabbey is the brand name in which I sell all my pieces and work. You can still buy  my pieces at or at local retailer near you. jCreate with Not 2 Shabbey is just the new home for all my crafts, tutorials, and videos. I hope it will be a community for others like me who will want to share their ideas and projects with other creative minds. I will absolutely be accepting submissions and hope that you will like the jCreate facebook page and follow the Pinterest board. 

I have so many more things brewing and there are exciting things happening over here at the Not 2 Shabbey headquarters (AKA my basement studio) I can't wait to share with you my upcoming journey. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on all the news to come :)

Catch you at my new home - the jCreate blog
Till next time!