Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CRAFT IT! DIY Afikoman Bag!

{Attention TEACHERS!} Check out this super durable Afikoman bag craft using BIC Mark-It pens! The best part about this project? It's great for both big and little hands! Check out the full tutorial on page 7 of JCreate Mag

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Glitter Tattoos with ilovetocreate.com

I am so loving these glitter tattoos for Purim!
They are so fun and easy. My kids totally enjoyed tattooing each other! Even the little 2 year old needed a turn!

These glitter tattoos are made by Tulip and can be found at your local craft store or online.

The packs come in 6 different glitter colors, 2 brushes, glue gloss, and a variety of sicker designs.

All you have to do is place the sticker on your skin, spread on some glue, pour on the glitter, and brush it off. When you pull off the sticker you will have a perfect design!

I was amazed at how clean the lines are when you take the sticker off. The tattoos look so professional and not messy. The best part?? You can reuse these stickers over and over again.

I am thinking of bringing one of these boxes to my sisters house this Purim. My nieces and nephews will get such a kick out of these. I'm thinking they would be great at a Purim Carnival too!!

Till next time!

Cowboy Purim Theme

3 Years ago for Purim my kids dressed up in cowboy costumes and my little baby was the cow. It was the only year I had professional shot taken of my kids! For our Mishloach Manot we gave out Southwest salad that was packed and wrapped in a western cowboy hat. I made the tag on my computer and attached it to a plastic sheriffs badge that I got at Oriental Trading CO.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The CHA Winter Mega Show 2014

If you've been following me on Instagram and Facebook then you probably know that I was in sunny California 2 weeks ago at the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Mega Show. Normally CHA has 2 trade shows throughout the year, one in the summer and one in the winter. They have now decided to combine both shows into one big MEGA show. There were so many booths, workshops, demos, and networking opportunities. It's so hard to describe everything I saw and took apart in, but I will try my hardest to provide you guys with a complete recap. 

On Friday, prior to the show floor opening CHA offers a full day of workshops and classes. This year, I was invited to become part of the designer section of CHA. Although I have been part of the organization for 3 years now as a professional crafter, becoming part of the designer section is like becoming part of a family. Not only is everyone so welcoming, but it's wonderful meeting like minded people, other individuals that totally get my artsyness and crazy brain :)  I was only able to go to a couple of those classes because I had to run home for Shabbat. I made it back to the valley in time to hit up some vintage clothing stores and pick up a good read! 

And although, the show starts on Saturday and I couldn't go, I was able to make it to the Fave Crafts blogger networking event that night. Some of the best craft companies come out to network and meet a roomful of craft bloggers. I was so amazed by the energy and excitement in the room. And the SWAG... OMG the SWAG!! I have been to parties before, but this was like nothing I had seen before. I had to carry out 4 bags of craft supplies! Thanks to Lisa Fulmer I can show you guys this great video of what we each got! 

On Sunday morning I got onto the show floor and as expected... it was AMAZING. I saw some of the most creative work from designers in various craft booths. From stamps, ceramics, paint, beads, clay, and glassware to arm knitting and fashion shows, it was beyond beyond incredible. Every booth has a make & take area where you can sit down and create hands on with their materials. Check out this flipgram I created with ALL my photos from the event. 
I do have a few favorite items and companies that I found, but it would take me too long to describe each of them here. I am hoping to create separate posts about each product. So stay tuned!

I was lucky enough to see the Today show tape a segment about the crafting industry over by the Duck mobile. Check out their video here. If you want to know what CHA is all about .... you better watch it!!!

I'm back at home and missing the green already! Can't believe this is what I was in just 2 weeks ago!

Cause this is what it looks like over here in Jersey today - YUCKO-O! 
I miss you 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Life Update & The Launch of Parsha Packs!

A BIG BIG shout out to my new followers. I've noticed a bunch of new readers and Facebook fans recently so WELCOME to my little world of CRAZY!!

I was a bit MIA in the beginning of December and I'm now just slowly getting back to every day life. Unfortunately, my sister is very sick. She is currently in ICU, stable but very critical. I am splitting my time between the hospital, working, and being a mommy to my 5 little children. I thought that I knew what it meant to multi task, but these past few weeks have been insane.  Please continue to have my sisters name in your thoughts and prayers. Her Hebrew name is Etta Malka Chaya bas Devorah Gruna. There is a mystical belief that when at least 40 women bake challah with a sick person in mind, there is a segulah (merit) for the hope that Hashem (God) will hear their prayers and help. I have started a chllah campaign to help gather and organize those who would like to bake Chakkah in honor of my sister Etta Chinskey. You can sign up here http://www.tziporahsnest.com/campaign.asp?id=200 I feel so lucky to have the special followers that I do. Your outpouring support and sweet words are beyond special to me.


I was recently sent an interesting new product to play with from Beckovations . They just came out with
Parsha Packs. You know how your kids come home with tons of papers and newletters every Friday? My Shabbos table is always littered with them! Well these bags easily attach to your chair. You can place it on the back, the arm, or if you want it to be out of sight stick it under the chair so no one can see it! My son loves his and was so excited to use it last week!! Seriously, I think this product is ingenious and super practical. All my kids projects and papers stay safe and organized from week to week.

There are a few ways to order these Parsha Packs. You can order them with names or without - hand painted or embroidered. You can choose from a variety of boys or girls designs or let me design a custom one for you with your childs favorite character, sports team, or superhero!!

#1 You can order it plain.
Purchase it HERE
Purchase it HERE
Purchase it HERE.

Purchase it HERE.

Purchase it HERE.

Purchase it HERE.
Currently the Parsha packs only come in the black/gray color combo. It's made from a beautiful leatherette material, with two zippered pockets. It can easily attach to your dining chairs with the four elastic straps. Never lose your child's Parsha sheets and weekend homework again!!

To order your Parsha Packs please visit www.not2shabbey.com or visit  http://www.beckovations.com/
If you have a question about ordering one please email me @ shabbey2@gmail.com 
You can also follow Beckovations on twitter www.twitter.com/beckovations

Till next time!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

BIG Changes Are Coming.........

Due to the large demand for my pieces I have had to make MAJOR changes to Not 2 Shabbey. For the past couple of months I have been thinking about it, but this #Hanukkah season solidified my plans. 

If you've been following my company from the beginning then you know that Not 2 Shabbey is a small business that grew out of my love to provide customers with not only good quality hand painted glassware and ceramic, but PERSONALIZED and CUSTOM tailored to fit their needs. There is nothing better for me then to see the smile on my clients face or to read a special email/letter written by a satisfied happy customer. 

Although most of my business is spent designing custom gift items, I also create non-personalized generic tabletop and serve-ware pieces that can be found in various high end tabletop boutiques.   

Beginning JANUARY 2014 customers will only be able to purchase personalized products on my website. Any piece that I sell to stores will no longer be available to be purchased through me. These items include salad bowls , cake plates, shot glasses, trifle bowls, and pitchers.  Customers will have to buy them through one of my retail locations that will be provided on the website. 

I completely understand that without your continued support my company wouldn't be where it is today. So as a thank you to you all, I am having a BIG NEW YEARS BLOWOUT SALE starting tomorrow night though Wednesday. 

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING within the US and 30% OFF your entire order. 
Yes... it includes yarmulkes :) 

Just use code NYRS2014 at www.not2shabbey.com 

I hope you will bare with me while these changes are made. I should have the new and improved website up beginning the second week in January. In addition to these changes I have also hired some amazing people to help get pieces out to you sooner.  I have a new assistant and shipping girl. 

I am currently looking for.....
(1) INTERNS who are Design or Art majors in college.
(2) Retail locations throughout the U.S. where Not 2 Shabbey pieces should be sold. 

So if you know of a store in your area where you'd like my pieces to be sold or if you know of someone who might like to intern in a really fun and creative environment please email me at shabbey2@gmail.com