Monday, January 21, 2013

CHA - The Craft & Hobby 2013 Winter Show Conference Day 1

My Badge for the event.
Annoyed that it didn't say "Not 2 Shabbey"
Gotta fix that for next time!
Most of you know that I was away last week in California for the CHA Winter Show, but what most of you did not know was what it was or why I went. To give you a very short overview, the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) is an organization that brings together everyone in the Craft and Hobby industry. Pretty much the entire world of crafting is represented - sewing, scrapbooking, mosaic, beading, fine arts.... the list goes on and on. What's amazing about the conference is that you not only get to meet the people behind the companies, but you get to play with the materials that they manufacture. New products are displayed that are just coming out and in every booth demos are given to teach new skills and projects. The day before the show opens they offer a full day of seminars and workshops. These classes are also given during the show days as well. What's great is that these classes are completely geared to people like me in the Craft and Hobby industry.

So why did I go?

Well, first off, I wanted to see what new materials are coming out and I wanted to learn directly from the people who make the product. Secondly, I wanted to make relationships with the companies that I already work with. As a Jewish proffesional crafter and blogger I am in a very unique position. One of my main goals was to reach out to companies for partnership and sponsorship opportunities. The other was to be inspired by all the new materials and projects. There is nothing like being surrounded by crafty and creative people like you.

The first booth I went to was Plaid. As I am sure you have seen in the numerous pictures of my work, these are the paints that I use to make my beautiful glass creations. I literally had to pull myself away from their booth!!
Display of the new
Martha Stewart Craft Paints and Products

Look who I met!

Some more inspiring crafts
from Martha Stewarts new collections

I think I'm totally going to try that
Polka Dot Design!

Modge Podge  Demo!!

After I went over to the S.e.i. booth. I saw some really beautiful fabric painting going on and I thought that these products might be GREAT for tzizit.
Of Course I got samples to try!

There were so many amazing crafts and demos going around throughout the entire convention center. I loved just seeing everything and getting inspired.

Bulletin Board Make and Take with Elmers

Totally inspired by this Sscrabble Wall Art.
Wouldn't it be great for a family? Diplay all the names!
Found at the Elmers booth

LOVE the displays!!

Craft party kits!

In LOVE with Stampendous
Can't wait to use their products!!!

Wouldn't this be GREAT in Hebrew?
It's a name book. 

The booth that  I was dying to visit was Viva Decour. I LOVE their products, but haven't had a chance to use them yet. Not only did they load me up with FREE samples I can't wait to try out, they were the NICEST people!!!

Isn't that gorgeous??
Mirror Paint!

My ring I got to make at their booth!

Their beautiful display of glittery butterfly's

Of course I was drawn to the Bottle Cap Co.'s booth. The color was so striking and  I became so involved in the crafts that you can make with their products. I cannot wait to do a demo for you all!!

So many colors to choose from!

Love the new stamp collection from Little Darlings 

After Day 1 my feet were killing me! So tired and believe me. Lugging all those catalogs really took a toll on my aching back. Heading to my favorite Kosher restaurant in LA the Fish Grill for dinner. UG. Totally wish they had a store in NY. Common' guys Coffee Bean came - you can too!!!!
Fish N' Chips - Childhood memories
Don't worry, I was back on my diet the next day.