Not 2 Shabbey is a small business that grew out of my love to provide customers with not only good quality hand painted glassware and ceramic, but PERSONALIZED and CUSTOM tailored to fit their needs. There is nothing better for me then to see the smile on my clients face or to read a special email/letter written by a satisfied happy customer. 

After searching the web, I saw that there were very very few companies catering to the Jewish population; providing Hebrew personalized gifts and I wanted to change that. Custom items include family platters, character mugs, or dishware, as well as embroidered kippot/yarmulkes and tzizit. 

Although most of my business is spent designing custom gift items, I also create non-personalized generic tabletop and serve-ware pieces that are exquisite in design and gorgeous on display.   These items include salad bowls , cake plate, wine glasses, shot glasses, trifle bowls, and pitchers. They make lovely wedding gifts or hostess presents. 

For retail purchases you can find the pieces on www.not2shabbey.com or by visiting my ETSY Store.

Currently, you can find Not 2 Shabbey pieces in stores throughout the tri-state area and Canada. To open a wholesale account please email me at shabbey2@gmail.com


It was really important for me to connect with my customers and for them to get to know "me." So I launched my blog in 2011. Here I share the craziness that goes on behind the scenes in my home, the happenings of my life, and what's it's like to balance mom/kids and a full time job. I offer advice, crafting tutorials, and decorating tips and tricks!


I'm Abbey AKA "Not 2 Shabbey" 
I'm an Orthodox Jew 
A mother to 5 little creative souls 
and I'm married to my best friend who I met when I was 15 years old.

I have been in the educational field for 14 years. I first began teaching when I was 19 years old. I studied at UCLA design school at night, while teaching during the day. Although I never finished my art degree, I continued crafting as a hobby. In the summer of 2009, I decided to learn how to glass paint on a whim. I began to sell my pieces at small boutiques and neighborhood shows, and soon started to grow my facebook page. Through word of mouth and social media Not 2 Shabbey has grown into a full time business and I "retired" from classroom teaching last year in 2012.

Although I am utterly disorganized and my studio is a complete mess, I know exactly where everything is. I call it organized chaos. Thank God my family puts up with my ever changing creative ideas and family solutions. We are all usually creating or crafting one project or another on any given night. My children believe that my studio is theirs. YES, it's sometimes hard as a mom to set boundaries! 

I often walk the city streets in my paint splattered clothes and beloved smock - and that's ok! We don't have to always where sheitels (wigs) or be "dressed to the nines" in makeup and heels. Never be afraid to be who you are. Stand tall and proud! 

When I am not filling orders for stores or creating personalized custom hand painted pieces for customers, you can find me crafting away in my studio. I am a freelance crafting contributor for Joy of Kosher.com with Jamie Geller as well as Mishpacha Magazine - The Teen Pages. In conjunction with Chabad.org I have produced 6 Jewish crafting videos centered around the Jewish holidays and celebrations. They can be watched here or on Jewish.tv

I offer crafting workshops and creative educational classes for shuls/synagogues, community centers, and schools throughout the Country. 

In May of 2012 I launched jCreate Magazine. The only Jewish Crafting Magazine out there. jCreate is all about bringing creativity back into the home and back into the classroom. We feature hands on creative activities for moms, kids, and teachers. jCreate for me, merges my love for teaching and my background as an educator with my full time role now as a mom.  There is very little Jewish crafting content on the web. It is our goal at jCreate Magazine to fix that. 

Some fun tidbits you may not know about me.....
I'm originally from L.A., but now live on the East coast. My favorite food is lasagna and french fries, but I can't eat any of that because I'm on a MAJOR diet. My first job ever was in High School working at the mall at Pottery Barn. 

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  1. Abbey! such great chanukah ideas. I enjoy watching your videos with my kids and seeing your creativity.
    Yaffa Goldschmiedt (solomon)