Monday, August 13, 2012

SweetUP 2012

What exactly is SweetUP??? That's the question I've been receiving for the past month now. I meant to write this blog post weeks ago, but HEY! I've been a bit busy :)

So what is SweetUP exactly? WELL....... It's a community of Jewish bloggers and brands who use social media to connect, learn, and share ideas with each other online and in person.

My other facebook "friends" and I felt that there was a great need for an organization like this - there just wasn't a place where we could all come together and meet. So on a beautiful summer's day, Sharon Langert, Esti Berkowitz, Sarah Lasry, and I met to discuss our first event for SweetUP "A Shmoozefest for bloggers and brands!"
The event took place on August 5th at the Chabad of Midtown. When we first came up with the idea we really didn't think it would be so big, but as the registrations started pouring in and 30 became 60 and 60 became 115, we knew that we would have a serious crowd of bloggers and businesses showing up.It proved to me that there was a serious need for a community like this and I was so excited to be apart of it.

On the day of the event Esti and I manned the registration table, while Sarah and Sharon put the finishing touches to our decor.

Handing out the swag

Lisa Alcalay Klug interviewing Suranne Rothberg from Comedy Cures

 Sarah Lasry, Liz Arronson Rueven, Barbara Feldman, and Susie Fishbein

The food was exceptional! Thank you to all our sponsors as well as to Cousin's Catering. The salad bar was outstanding!

You can read some great blog posts about our discussion panel and the take away from Sweetup from Fashion-isha and Mordechai Holtz.
Lisa Alcalay Klug started off the speaking part of our event

Some of our panelists - Joe Apfelbaum Ajaxunion, Deborah Kolben Kveller, and Laura Ben David Nefesh Bnefesh

Some more of our panelists - Allison Josephs Jew in the City and Melissa Chapman Married My Sugar Daddy

Beth Rosen doing what she does best!

A shout out to all of our sponsors that made this event FABULOUS!
Chabad of Midtown

Food Sponsors
Kind Snacks

Apple & Eve

Cousins Catering

My Most Favorite Dessert

The Coffee Bar

Baker's Dozen
The Viennese Table

The bluestone Group
Oomph! Creative graphic design



Swag Sponsors


Rutie Horn

The Patchke Princess



Raffle Prizes, as featured in Hot Mamalah: The Ultimate Guide for Every Woman of the Tribe,by Lisa Cool Jew
Centipede Designs
Fred & friends

No-Limit Texas Dreidl Games

Hand Panted juice cups I made for the event
Already looking forward to our next SWEET event that should take place hopefully in November.

Till next time,