Thursday, June 14, 2012

Motivational Tid Bits

Someone told me recently that I should be a motivational speaker and I laughed! 

Yah, right. The last time I checked, I can't even motivate myself to go to the gym. Motivate a work force? I don't think so.

What I am,  is a realist with little patience for stupidity. I am also a highly self motivated person who strives for excellence while being passionate and determined to get the job done right.

I guess you can tell from my general snarkyness that I've had it a bit rough. My childhood/teenage years were far from serene. From an early age I was on my own and I had a fierce independent streak.

As I see it - the general population can be divided into 2 categories. Those who say, bad things happen to me so I deserve - give me. And those who say, bad things happened to me, so I can sit and cry about it or I can get up and do something about it. Evidently, I fall into the latter group.

While recently visiting my mother in Long Beach, NY, a seal was found on the shore. My sister took my children down to scope out the action and she snapped this image.

That night on my way home to Jersey, my mind would wonder back to thinking about the seal. I know this will sound strange, but I kept looking at it through the seals point of view. Here you have a big fat seal looking out into the ocean. He knows that he has to get back in, but in order to do so he's got to wiggle his way there. See the seal has no legs to carry him. And although the distance from the shore to the ocean is not that far, for the seal it's tremendous. All I can think in my head while looking at the picture is the seal saying "Dude, really? I think I'll wait till the tide comes in to bring me back into the ocean."

It's so easy for each of us to be that beached seal. We can make tons of excuses as to why we shouldn't pursue our dreams or "get back into the ocean." We're too fat (ok that's mine), we have no skills, no degree, people may not take us seriously, ect....  It happens to be that this very afternoon I actually read a fascinating article about this very point from INC. Magazine entitled 15 Worst Excuses Not to Be an Entrepreneur. Didn't even have to go searching for it - came right up in my news feed :)

If you look around at the most successful people out there most of them DO NOT hold a degree from college. How many of your friends are actually working in the fields that they majored in? SO WHY ARE THEY SUCCESSFUL??? Because at the end of the day they believed in themselves and took a risk.

If you think of yourself as a small ant you will stay a small ant. 
The only person that has to believe in yourself is YOU

OY! Maybe I should be a motivational speaker =) 
Nah! I think I'll stay put painting and crafting away in my studio.

Till next time, 

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