Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kosher Art

What I love about the new Empire Turkey packaging, and I swear this in not a solicitation, nor did I get paid to write about this :) is their germ free sealed tightness!  I cannot stand the slimy meat packages that you find in the store.

The only problem is what do you do with all the left over containers???

I found that they are the perfect size for kids lunches - salad, macaroni, and even fruit! The only problem is they are pretty plain.

Here's an idea of how to jazz them up!

Step 1: Find any image you want on google images. Cut and paste the image into a word document and print. 

Step 2: Cut out the image and place it behind the plastic. Using a Sharpie black marker copy the image onto the plastic.

Step 3: Color in the image with a variety of Sharpie PAINT Pens or DecoColor markers.

                          AWESOME RIGHT???

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