Sunday, December 30, 2012

My House Update.....

If you follow me regularly then you know that my house has been going through some issues. It all started with a little leak that turned into a much bigger situation.  Although we are still living in a rental.... and the basement is slightly creepy, I am trying hard to look at the bright side. We are almost ready to start rebuilding and I can hardly wait! At least I get to show tricks and techniques to rebuild and decorate on a budget.


In the meantime I need to go through all my boxes and filter through all those old pieces that were transferred to the rental property. I really don't want to have to shlep them back to the studio!! There are just too many pieces! So I decided to have an End of the Year Clearance Sale! The perfect way to end this fantastic year with my fans. Let's get rid of those pieces just hanging around the studio and retire some collections.

Check out for clearance items and don't forget to use your 35% off code CRZYDLZ. Sale ends 1/1/13.

Happy Shopping!

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