Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Giveaway Rules!

There has been lots of buzz on the internet lately about Facebook games - what is and isn't allowed. To be on the safe side I am moving my giveaway announcements to my blog. For all of you that are new or are playing the game for the first time here's how it works...... 

Before I launch a new line I want to get my fans excited and buzzing about the new pieces. So I set up a giveaway contest where my fans get to win the new products FREE!

Basically, I will post a new picture into the giveaway album and the fist person to TAG or SHARE (depends on the instructions for the night) the picture and comment DONE below the picture will win the product. Not strings attached - the customer doesn't even pay shipping!

There are a few guidelines though......

1) You can only win once in a giveaway contest. Husband and wife teams have won in the past, but it has been a controversial situation.....

2) You may not win for yourself on with someone else’s name. This applies to one person who may have 2 facebook profiles.

3) I will only accept DONE comments after the picture has been published to my wall. The photo as well as your comments are time stamped. Some times fans eager to win a product will refresh the album and the picture will come up faster, but it will not have been published yet and their entry will be eliminated. Refresh my fan page and you won't have a problem :) 

The GIVEAWAY SEASON is about to start and I am so excited. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

If you have any questions, please comment below!

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