Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Personalized Hair Accessories - Giveaway Details!!!

Although I am a crafter at heart, the one thing I love the most is designing new and fun pieces. These headbands and ribbons were inspired over the holidays when I saw so many children wearing big "beefy" bows and headbands. I love designing new embroidery for yarmulkes and kippahs, and thought it would be cute on ribbons.

So there I am thinking about the embroidered ribbons and the next day in shul what should happen? In walks a little girl with a ribbon bow clip and her name embroidered onto it!!! At least I knew I had a good idea!!

What I love about them the most is that they are so simple and yet so unbelievably classy. My 4th grade daughter went to school today and wore her headband for the first time. I asked her if anyone said anything about her headband and her reply was "EVERYONE!" They all wanted to know where they could get it :) The same thing happened when I showed them to some post seminary teachers at my school. Squeals of delight! It was just so funny!

So I want to give a set away tonight to one lucky fan! Whose in? All you got to do is this. At 9:30 EST I will post a picture - you will have 5 minutes to tag the picture. If there are too many tags and it won't let you I will post an additional picture BUT THAT'S IT. Once the tags are filled the giveaway will close so hurry and don't miss your chance. One lucky fan will be randomly chosen as the winner!

They are made by the BEST hair accessories company on the market and embroidered by the BEST embroiderer I have ever worked with. The quality is fantastic and the price is totally reasonable. If you don't win one tonight don't worry! You can always get them here and just as an added bonus for the next 24 hours only, use promo code BOW10 and receive 10% off your hair accessories purchase.

Good luck to everyone!

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