Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Behind The Scenes Look of the new Jew In The City Mikvah Video

On a rainy spring day I made my way to the Teaneck Mikvah for the taping of Allison Josephs (AKA Jew in the City's) new video. Not only was I excited to FINALLY meet Allison, I was equally excited to meet Sharon Langert from Fashion-isha.com. It's always exciting when you meet your Facebook "friends" in real life :) My friend Bleema Weissman from Bleema's Headquarters came with me and we both couldn't deny the irony of heading for a Mikvah video shoot on such a wet and rainy day.

So what is a Mikvah? I could take the time and explain it to you, but Jew in the City does a MUCH better job! Check out the video. 

I have never seen such a BEAUTIFUL mikvah before. It was truly UNBELIEVABLE. Here are some photos from the days shoot. 

The beautiful Allison Josephs
Getting ready for the sheitel change and makeup touch up.
Which one should I wear? Bracelets from Bitz of Glitz
The "extra's" Sharon Langert (Fahion-isha) on the left
The camera man
A bubbling fountain greets visitors
Inside one of the gorgeous rooms

The technology is amazing. We just have a little button we press at my own Mikvah.

WHAT?!? A Beauty Bar?

Gorgeous sink in the beauty bar.

Inside the Beauty Bar

Not only was it so awesome being in the video (did you spot me???) I am so proud to be apart of educating others about the power and beauty of the Mikvah and it's experiences. You can check out Fashion-isha's behind the scenes look from her blog post and I encourage you to "like" Jew in the City on Facebook. Not only does she educate the non affiliated but the Orthodox as well!

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