Monday, March 11, 2013

Edible Passover Makkot Treats

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As a mommy and teacher I always find it so important to engage our children on the Passover night. We have them singing special songs, answering a multitude of questions, and engaging them in the overall Seder discussion. However, what I hear from my children year after year is “I’M HUNGRY!” And no feeding before the Seder helps. They are always starving, especially the bigger ones. This year I decided that I would pack for them a kind of “Seder Survival Pack” loaded up with some yummy goodies that would sure to enhance their Passover experience. When I was given the task to come up with an edible Passover craft for I knew what that survival pack would include – Edible Makkot!!
So Here’s what I included......
Dom (Blood) – Strawberry Applesauce

Tzfardaya (Frogs) –
Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Frogs
Zelda’s Sweet Shoppe

Add cKinim (Lice) – Chocolate with white sprinklesaption

Arov (Wild Animals) – Gummy/Sour Bears
Dever (Dead Animals) – Chocolate Bear Lollypops

Shechin (Boils) – XL Dot Candy on paper
Barad (Hail) – Mini Marshmallows
Arbe (Locust) - 
Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Locust
Zelda’s Sweet Shoppe

Choshech (Darkness) – Chocolate Pudding

Makkat Bicharos (Death of the First Born)
I know this is the hardest one. I wanted it to be positive instead of negative. So instead of going with bones or something yucky like that, I realized that the kids would be mighty thirsty after consuming all those treats so I got an apple juice and attached a note that says “I know you’re just dying to drink this!”

I took all those tasty treats and wrapped them up simply with tissue paper and some curling ribbon.

On the night of the seder they will go on each of my children’s plates to unwrap. I can’t wait to see each of their faces light up when they see their makkot sacks!   


  1. I am so inspired by this post! It is just my daughter and me at home(she is 23, but they are always our children, yes? B"H) and we have a lot of fun doing our hours long seder every year, but I want to make it special fun this year, I am going to make her a bag of plague treats ! Thank you!

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