Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Passover BINGO!

So when I was a kid I sat next to this really skinny pretty girl with long brown hair in school. I can remember going to her Bat Mitzvah in Pico, an area of LA that at the time NO ONE lived. I used to sit in class watching her draw pictures. She was an amazing artist.

Fast forward 15+ years where should we re-connect? You got it. Facebook.

Dena is now living in Beit Shemesh; drawing, painting, and being a mommy. Dena sells fine art portraits and Judaica art throughout the world which can be found at She is also an illustrator and her book Red is My Rimon can be found on Amazon.

Best Collaboration YET!
Dena made these great illustrations for me to use
for my custom Purim shot glass sets 

My favorite portrait made by Dena 

This Passover Season Dena created the most amazing thing for kids!! PASSOVER BINGO!!! And guess what??? It's a FREE DOWNLOAD! All you have to do is enter into the giveaway here and she will send you the Passover Bingo Game at no cost!! Your kids will have hours of endless fun during the Passover holiday! All you have to do it download and print it!!

Make sure to like Dena's facebook page Art By Dena 

Till next time!

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