Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Most Favorites.....

I have to say hands down the best thing about starting my own company is getting to meet other like minded people. I love connecting with other bloggers and creative business women.

Last week I found myself heading out to NYC to brunch with 3 great bloggers. The chosen venue - the Upper West Side's My Most Favorite Food  and the bloggers I was meeting? Stylishly beautiful Sharon Langert of Fashion-Isha, Prime Time Parent and Twitter guru Esti Berkowitz, and food expert Sarah Lasry author of The At Home Gourmet, The Dairy Gourmet, and now the Patchke Princess.   

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We came to chat, connect, share ideas. and discuss an upcoming event for Bloggers and Brands called Sweetup (more on that later....)  My Most Favorites or @mmffnyc (for twitter) is situated between the West End and Broadway on 72nd St. I know the area well as I used to teach at Manhattan Day School on 75th. It's a wonderful location and truthfully I like it much better then their old mid town location. Even Scott (the owner) commented about the change in place. "We find that more families come and it's quieter. In the mid town location there was a lot of rushing, back and forth to work as well as to Broadway shows."  Here's a snipet from their site..... 

My Most Favorite Food, a unique restaurant/bakery/cafe is located on the 
Upper West Side between Broadway and West End Ave. on 72nd St., near
Lincoln Center, Museum of Natural History, The Children's Museum 
and some of the finest boutiques Manhattan has to offer. 

Enjoy your most favorite meal in our year round fully enclosed sidewalk cafe, 
our glass ceiling garden room, or in our elegant dining room. A sleek marble 
counter is center stage for what put us on the map - our mouth watering 
desserts and baked goods. 

Dining Room

Garden Room
The 4th of July treats displayed at their bakery. SO YUM!
My blogger friends and I sat in the The Garden Room - can you tell that I chose this area? I LOVED the exposed brick walls, glass ceiling with it's steel supports and the simplistic furniture. All these elements combine to offer an urban yet "homy" feeling. There are actually little hooks all along the brick walls and I wish that I had taken pictures of them. Esti and I were debating what they were used for. Scott explained that they were for bags, purses, and other carry items. 

So what did we eat?????? Ah! The million dollar question. The Menu is filled with delicious choices, and it was very hard to choose, but I went with a Greek Salad. I haven't had one in a long time and come on, when your eating with a group of girls, you can't really go for the mouth watering full fat food now can you?


So with our food in front of us and our chairs tucked in we began to discuss Sweetup2012 an event for bloggers and brands to shmooze and connect. I love this idea because there are so many different people out there in the social media world and this event will help to connect us all.  We will have swag bags, delicious food, a speaker, and discussion panel there to educate and clarify key issues we all face. I hope to continue sharing details of the event as it comes closer, so follow me on facebook  and twitter for updates. And if you know anyone who would love to join us please have them register! Everyone is welcome bloggers, brands, beginners, and even social media gurus!

YUM! The chocolate cake was so good!

Thanks to My Most Favorite for the wonderful food and atmosphere! I look forward to coming again, but this time with my family. 

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  1. Love it! This is such a great post and I really ahd an awesome time!

  2. Yay u did it!!!
    Thank you!