Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tie Dying - The Great American Past Time

I embraced my inner 60's flower child and held a Tie Dying event in my backyard 4th of July morning. 

I got the idea from Kivelli Personalized whom I had met at a show last May. After seeing her fantastic flyer (made by MLW), I thought "WOW, What a great idea! I must do that over here by me!"

Don't know about you, but when I was a kid Tie Dying was done with buckets.We'd tie up our T-shirts into a variety of patterns and dip them into colorful liquid solutions. I can still feel that childish excitement of quickly unwrapping the fabric to see what wonderful patterns I had created.

At first I decided to kick it "old school" and got loads of buckets to match the different shades of dye that I wanted to use. But then I saw that squirt bottles were sold in kits and I thought that might be better for the little kids. Being the undecided person that I am, I ended getting both the squirt bottles and the buckets from my local Michael's store.

Honestly, It would take me all night to write down all the different techniques that are out there. My suggestion is to just google TIE DYE TECHNIQUES. and watch as many youtube videos as you can to get an idea of the process. My son, became an expert tie dyer so I made this little video explaining how to make a spiral design.

The Spiral Design all wrapped up 

Here's the spiral all undone. HOW COOL IS THAT??

Malka Strimber with a Starburst Design
Zevi Strimber with his spiral T-shirt

 I think the best thing though, out of the whole day was watching my son turn into a smurf. 
Seriously He LOVED the Tie Dye!

 I think his hands will be dyed for the next week or so!

Till the next project!



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  1. Love it!!!! Your kids are so super yummy and growing up so fast!!!!