Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Everyone has their Pekel.
I just got mine first. 

It's all relative you know. 
No heat - No problem. 
No hot water - No problem. 
No electricity - No problem. 

With the garbage I have had to deal with these past few weeks -
It's all relative to me. 
I can get through anything. 
Life is a total adventure and I am so ready for this ride.

Where did I get my strength? How am I handling this???

Because I have realized that I have all that is important to me. 
We are ok. 
My family is safe. 
My parents are ok. 
My sisters are ok.
My brothers are ok. 
I've got what I need to survive. 

I don't need things. 
I don't need power. 
I don't even need the internet (although it's nice) 
All I need are my loved ones. 

God is telling us. 
It's time to get back to basics. 
It's time to see what truly matters.

What will I remember most about Sandy?

The sounds.....
The power of the wind is like nothing I have ever known. 
I have never been so scared before. 

Generators are the new "it" things in my neighborhood. 
Their buzzing is a calming feeling among the eerie quite that surrounds me. 

Gasoline is a commodity. I filled my entire tank before the storm as everyone told me to do. 
I am so thankful. 
No one can get gas for miles away. 

The sights.....

On the night of the storm the sky was lit up in green and red sparks as the wind blew out generators all over the city. 
It looked like an electrical parade from Disney Land.
Driving around at night is so strange with no lights. 
All the houses are dark and silent. 
My boys watching the wind.
You can see the amazement on their faces. 
Taping our windows during the storm. 

In front of our Kosher grocery store.
Don't know when it will re open. 

Trees are down everywhere. 

My friend was in her basement with her family.
The tree went right into her sons room. 

Down my block.

But life goes on.
Who doesn't like finger puppets during a black out??

After looking at the devastating pictures that are all over the news and throughout my small town of Passaic, NJ, you realize that as much as you think that you are in control of the world, YOU ARE NOT. 

I got my pekel first so that I could help others now. 

I have a place that is safe. 
It might have no power, but a place none the less to offer shelter to those who don't. 

Because what I have learned is - when you are stripped of everything you have and are left with nothing, you see that what you have is everything you need to survive. 


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