Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Old House - New House

It's the start of the new week and it seems that it's the start of my new life.

New House.
New Job for the Hubs.
New Carpool routes for the kids.

Change is good - or so it seems.
I still mourn my home, but I am trying to make a new one in this house.
At least I'm showing a bright smile for my kids - it's an adventure you know!

I've decided - for the sake of my own sanity to move on and stop wallowing.
{Dude, snap out of it!}

Today I spent shopping for the incidental things - The items we kind of forget that we need, but use daily.
Pots and pans
A drain board
Silverware dividers
Cutting board (oysh! I loved my old one.....It was so cute in the shape of a paint pallet -{stop wallowing}
Bathtub stopper
Wine opener and glasses - SERIOUSLY. Don't judge.
And loads more... the list goes on and on.

Got the call that my studio furniture and supplies are being returned to me tomorrow. So happy just a little nervous as to what shape it will all be in.

And then this afternoon another storm hits.
Someone charged close to $1,000 using my business card.
But the card is still in my wallet.
{Stop wallowing}

Bank account suspended till it's all sorted.
No $
{Stop Wallowing.....}

And then when I get to the bank my iphone falls on the floor and shatters.
The shattered glass makes a neat affect - that is an upside....

So tonight I've decided I'm in great need of some comfort food.
I love lasagna. I could eat an entire pan myself. No joke.
I am very serious about my lasagna. Can you tell?
Just call me Garfield.

I've noticed that there is a great lasagna debate between ricotta and cottage cheese. Have you??
 I'm a ricotta cheese kind of girl, but my hubs likes cottage cheese.
I kind of win since I make it - sorry Sim.

What kind do you use? Why?

Here's step by step instructions on how to make my lasagna.
I promise when you taste it, you'll be blown away.
It's that good.
But you've got to use the same sauce that I use.
Of course change out the cheese if needed.
I am not Cholov Yisroel, but when my sis comes to visit with her brood I change the cheese out and it tastes the same.
Trust me. Your kids will be BEGGING you to make it again.

(1) 9" Rectangle Pans
(1) Packs of shredded Cheese
(1) Jars of Barilla - Tomato and Basil Sauce
(1) boxes of lasagna noodles
1lb Ricotta Cheese
Black Pepper

In a bowl mix the ricotta cheese with 1/3 a jar of the Barilla
Sauce. Mix in garlic and black pepper. 

Put 3 DRY noodles on the bottom of the tin and add
1/2 of the ricotta mixture onto them.

Add 3 more noodles on top of the ricotta mixture
Place some more tomato sauce and 1/2 the shredded cheese.
                                                STEP 4

                                   REPEAT STEPS 2 & 3 

                                                STEP 5                                                                                                                              Your tomato sauce jar should be empty now. 
                                         Fill up 1/3 of water into the glass jar. 
                                    Pour down around the lasagna so it's surrounded by water.
                                          Cover and place in oven @350 for 45 minutes. 
                                             Then uncover for 15 till crunchy :) 

                                               STEP 6
Plate & Serve 

So for now my kids are playing and I'm gonna sit at my rented table and stuff my face with some lasagna.
{not wallowing}

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

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  1. I use ricotta and I throw in a box of frozen spinach to add some color and nutrients. Look on the bright side, you can only move uphill from here! You are an inspiration.