Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Shaloch Manot Ideas

I think it’s fair to say that Purim is probably the most creative Jewish holiday. Even the simple novice –the person who has not one creative bone in their body- can shine during this Yom Tov celebration. It was with this idea in mind that my graphics artist, Mirel from Oomph Creative and I collaborated to create a set of themed out DIY Shaloch Manot Purim Tags and Labels. Using 15 of the most popular Shaloch Manot themes we designed ready-made tags and labels that can be customized or personalized with each of the family’s names on them.  All you do is PRINT – CUT – CRAFT. It’s that simple.  All the sets include water bottle labels, cupcake wrappers, nosh bag toppers, packaging tags, and cupcake toppers.  Of course you can add more or take out and only pay for the pieces that you need. You can see the full line of what we are offering this Purim Season by clicking here.

So what can you do with our tags??? Below are a few ideas using our themed out pieces J


Watch out! Curves ahead! Those brownies and the tools are perfect compliments for your construction themed shaloch manot!

This construction themed shaloch manos is packaged inside of a sand pail. It includes an orange soda, some chocolate covered rice cakes (dirty rocks anyone?), a brownie, nutty chocolate chews, and some rock candy.


Make sure to eat lots of Nosh this Purim! It’s just what the doctor ordered! This set includes a “pill” cookie, some jelly bean medicine, some water that’s good for the heart, and a pill shaped cupcake. Cookie and cupcake featured: Cup of Cake NJ

 Another idea you can do is use our Prescription label and attach it to a mason jar. Fill your jar with some “pill” shaped cookies. These cookies featured come from Cup of Cake NJ

Purim/Mardi Gras Theme:

This one happens to be my favorite them because it brings in a color element plus it’s just so fun over the top! This shaloch manot is stuffed inside of margarita glasses and topped with candies in gold and green, some Halva, and Cheery Hearing Liqueur. There are candy canes in purple, green, and gold and jelly beans in those colors too! As a decorative element there are necklaces, feathers, and confetti!!

All of these cupcake toppers can be personalized or custom made to fit your own shaloch manot theme. These beautiful cupcakes featured come from Cup of Cake NJ

And for all of you Kosher Scoop Fans here’s an exclusive Purim Code to use on the site! Save now on labels or use it on one of our beautiful hand-painted glass creations!!

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