Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Asian Purim: Paper Fortune Cookies

So here's how the story goes.
Last year I unfortunately promised my son that he could be a ninja
"Next Purim."
He wanted to be one so badly, but alas, there were no ninja costumes in sight during the pre-Purim rush. So I simply told him "next year."
Well come Halloween last October, while perusing Target there were 2 ninja costumes in both my sons sizes. After pleading and begging I bought them both.
And can you guess what my son saved from my whole house debacle? Yup! The ninja costumes! They made it into our new rental.
So we're going Asian this Purim.

I normally strive for "unkitchy" themes. I kind of like to be original, so the whole Asian theme didn't really excite me. It's been there, done that! You know what I mean??

There are a few things you should know about me when it comes to Purim......

1. I hate face paint. I'm ok with painting with a brush and getting it all over my hands. The messier the better, but if it goes on my face NO WAY. I hate cakey make-up. Foundation, gloss, uch YUCK!! So the idea of having to paint my face entirely white and then with more makeup makes me want to hurl.

2. I'm a really good cook, but I hate baking. I also HATE crafting with food. I think fondant is disgusting. I will totally eat it and I think that what some kosher bakers do is absolutely amazing! The edible art that can be made is beautiful and I admire many bloggers and bakers work, but because I work with crafts all day long -to eat eat it just seems wrong. Can you tell? I'm totally not into baking.

3. To me it's all about the packaging and presentation. You can have the best Purim shaloch manot idea with themed out food and a totally creative idea, but if the packaging is all wrong, it's a missed opportunity. I'm learning that I'm kind of a crafting snob! LOL.

OK. and lastly.....

4. I get so busy with orders before Purim that I never have time to do my own shaloch manot. I need something simple and easy. Above all else, it's got to be on a budget. With a family of 5 and Yeshiva Tuition.... I think we can all relate. RIGHT?? They don't call us starving artists for nothing.

So here's how I came up with my package this year.
I could have made Asian dishes and given them out..... TOO MUCH WORK.
I could have given out fortune cookies and sacki. NOPE.
I could have gotten chinese takeout boxes and stuffed them candy. BORING.

After wracking my brain I actually came up with a pretty simple plan. I called my local store, Main Ingredient who happens to be a good friend and asked him how much it would cost for 60 packages of vegetable sushi.  The price was so cheap and completely in my budget.

So there you have it. Sushi it was.
A complete shaloch manos without having to do any work :)
Now for the packaging. At first I was thinking maybe we should put a cute nutrition label on it, but then I ran into a beautiful craft involving paper fortune cookies. PERFECT!!

Total inspiration from ONCE WED!!
Click on the link for step by step instructions

This video really helped me visualize how to make them. I can read instructions, but I find videos to be much more helpful.

So how did mine come out???

I think the fortune is pretty cute too :) 
 And for the kids? Well, I went against my better judgment and TRIED to make candy sushi. But after 3 attempts this is all I could make. As least we got a picture :) I'm trying to convince my kids to give out the real deal for purim. Don't think I'm going to be able to persuade them.......

Look out for my next post. I'll be writing about my Asain Purim Sueda on a MAJOR budget. I even gave myself a specific $ amount I could spend. Anyone who knows me, knows that's impossible!! My kids will be making paper lanterns Motzei Shabbos, and I'll even show you the costumes! 
Well, you know what 2 will be! 

Till next time. Chag Purim Samayach!

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  1. really cute! we went a much simpler route with our asian mishloach manos, a bottle of green tea with an asian dress wine bottle cover and I strung a mini takeout container through the sleeve and around the bottles neck so it looks like it's holding it.. The takeout container has 2 fortune cookies in it. Pretty presentation, not much work and no junk to throw in the garbage. The fancier people we wrapped with canned salmon and rice cakes as well. It's the closest I could get to nonperishable fish and rice.